Founder & Chairman, CWBS

Dr Smarajit Roy obtained his Ph.D (Brunel Univ-UK), M.Tech (Brunel Univ.-UK). Dr Smarajit Roy is the Founder and Chairman of City Wastes Bio-energy Solutions Limited and is a visionary entrepreneur. He was an elected councillor at London Borough of Islington. Dr Roy has over 30 years of industry experience in UK Industries including 20 years at Ford Motor Company Dagenham as a manager in the Power Train Operation division. Dr Roy have published 2 books titled “ Toilets To Let “ ( ISBN : 978-1-60911-749-8 ) and “ Understanding Waste = Bio-energy “ ( ISBN : 978-1-4567-8354-9). He has published over 60 papers and makes presentations at International seminars and universities. Dr Roy was a VIP speaker at China Bio-energy Technology and Investment Summit which was held at Shenyang in 2011.
Dr S Roy’s PASSION is starting and being involved with highly innovative new and renewable energy companies worldwide. In particular, solving strategic challenges for cutting-edge science, and finding efficient ways to monetize it, and make a difference in Environment, Pollution, Climate Change and Green Technologies. Dr Roy wants to make this world a little better than what it is now in any small way that he can. Dr Roy have spent last seven years in start-up companies.
A substantial portion of his career has been involved serving on boards, both of his own companies, and as an independent board member of unrelated companies. Dr Roy have been immensely fortunate to serve with some of the leading companies such as Vintec Technologies of Israel, Nu Energy Technologies and Environment Energy & Finance Corporation of USA, Camycent Solutions Ltd and Enfracom Solutions of UK, Unity Infra Transit Project Implementers of India. He is also director of two companies in Nigeria.
In his Charitable and Trustee roles, Dr Roy is a director and Trustee of eight registered charities. Most notable two are Community Support Network with an annual budget of over half a million USD and MCDP where Dr Roy is one of four Patrons along with 3 other most eminent gentlemen. Dr Roy spends time in both the UK and in India. He is vice Chair of IconSWM of India and is invited to lecture at Indian Institute Of Engineers and Millennium Institute Of Energy and Employment.


Director, CWBS

Abdul is a specialist Consultant and Associate Director of CWBS. He is a holder of Master’s Degree, City University London and post-graduate diploma from Germany. He has participated in various in high level trainings including summer school at Christ College, University of Oxford on leadership, management and international relations. He has served as CEO of various organisations and Chairman of Board of some of the public and private organisations in the UK for years.
He wrote for publication in some international media and spoke at many international forums on emerging economic development and environment. Has been honoured with various International Awards since 2004 for the promotion of understanding and economic wellbeing of developing countries in USA, UK and Asia by certain institutions.


Associate Director, CWBS

Giles has a broad range of experience gained through careers in science, engineering and government. His current entrepreneurial enterprises lie in the medical field, developing and producing diagnostic and monitoring equipment, medical tourism and the provision of health equipment and other facilities appropriate for developing economies. He is also working with partners in Nigeria, India, Europe and China to provide plastics reclamation, biowaste management and biofuels.
Giles lectures on business strategy and innovation management. He currently mentors MSc (Technology Entrepreneurship) students at UCL and with International MBA students at Regents College and is collaborating with Imperial College on the design of creativity and innovation programmes. He has a PhD from Imperial College Department of Chemical Engineering for work on ceramic production and an EMBA (Distinction) from Cass Business School in London.


Consultant, CWBS

David has spent many years working in the healthcare industry. Following completion of a Master’s degree, he has been involved with research, teaching and clinical issues of healthcare.He has more recently become involved with eco-friendly research, culminating in various discussions around environmentally friendly and money saving products with several supplier companies.
David is also looking to extend his network of product developers, and has been actively researching suppliers for negotiations. His strengths lie in co-ordinating and executing Greener Gateway’s business strategy through networking and forging relationships with key contacts in eco- friendly environments.


Consultant, CWBS

Tom Buelens an entrepreneur and business developer. He owned a security and events company from 2000 - 2009. In 2009, he earned credits with the AAA group of companies from the alghanim Family in Kuwait as a consultant. the AAA group of companies is with diverse fields such as Construction, Defence, Medical, Food, IT, Travel, Telecommunications, Security , General Contracting & Trading that operate within the Arabian Gulf. Our current workforce is more than 14.000 employees. One of his specialties is to do research and create consortiums for various large Projects tendered by the state of Kuwait. Here a few of his clients : Boskalis Westminster, Bam International, Waterleau NV , Broadcrown Ltd , FCC spain, Soares Da Costa, Fisia Babcock, etc.
In 2013, he represented Korall NV comodity company specialised in whole sale Diamonds. Korall's office is on the stock Exchange for Diamonds in Antwerp. He started his own company; TB International in 2014, which specialises in Business Development. His goal is to assist International companies in promoting and guiding them towards New Business Developments. Countries such as Sri Lanka , Maledives, Malaysia, India came to his attention outside the GCC countries. Wastewater & WTE are one of the Major issues in that part of the world!


Consultant, CWBS

Sovan is a banker with over 30 years of multi-disciplinary banking domain experience. He started working in various MNC banks like ANZ Grindlays, Standard Chatered Bank, ABN AMRO, MNP Paribas Investment and United Amara Bank Ltd., Myanmar in various capacities in implementing strategies towards enhancing operational efficiency to meet business goals with proven skills and competency in directing and implementing policies, objectives and activities in the area of international trade.
As a Senior-Level Finance & Operations Executive, Sovan has proven success in maximising productivity and improving profit margins in different business units at various stages of growth in the companies he has been associated with. He is also an Associate Agent of Sutherland Global Services, USA; engaging as a Consultant for the Myanmar Region, in charge of the Business Development and IT Solutions.
Mr. Ganguly is also an entrepreneur who launched his company; MATCO in 2016, with an operational base in Yangon, Myanmar in view of the emerging market in the Consultancy field of Management, Banking and IT Solution, Healthcare and Medicine, Education and Training, Greenfield Projects and Renewable Energy Solutions with a clear focus on building a platform in Myanmar and future plans for expanding in other South Eastern nations (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines)
As a business consultant, he also provides advice and information regarding business to business transactions as well as conduct negotiations on behalf of the company to develop business contracts.